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2016 Adelaide Zombie Walk


Adelaide Zombie Walk 2016

Safe Access Solutions were proud to once again support the Adelaide Zombie Walk this past weekend 15th October 2016. We supplied and assembled the towers for the start/finish line. We did this using two of our  Maxiskaff model 15.15.30 tower scaffolds.

Staff assisted with the assembly  of the towers in very windy conditions. the Maxiskaffs required the addition of tower stabilizers to prevent the towers from blowing over. Safe Access Solutions always look at safety first especially in this heavy pedestrian zone.

Fortunately efforts to stabilize the start towers were successful and the event proceeded without incident after the winds abated in the evening. As the throng awaited the commencement in an amazing variety of characters. Organizers lit flares from the top of the 2 start towers for effect .

Our Maxiskaff tower was also a great vantage point for  the photographer  to photograph the thousands of zombies shuffling past along the riverbank.

Congratulations to the Renee and the organizing team on another successful year, with Safe Access Solutions (thru Maxiskaff) proud to be associated with the Adelaide Zombie Walk and we look forward to doing it all again next year.