Miniskaff is the ‘number 1’ Australian Made scaffold for around the home. You can use your Miniskaff for painting eaves, cleaning gutters, changing globes, pruning trees, washing windows, Christmas decorations, changing blinds, dusting cobwebs and all types of maintenance.

The Miniskaff can be assembled on uneven ground using a pair of Miniskaff screw jacks and in stairwells with a compatible stair kit. Other accessories are available from our factory sales outlet.

Miniskaff is a light duty rated scaffolding system that has a safe working load (SWL) of 225kg. Each Miniskaff frame is 600mm high and frames simply slot together to gain height. The Miniskaff is available with platform heights at 1.2m, 1.8m, 2.4m and 3m. There are 2 widths available 680mm (2 planks) and 980mm (3 planks). The Miniskaff is plant registered up to 1.8m high for trade use.

Your Miniskaff is suitable for use inside and outside the home because it is manufactured using lightweight ‘galvabond’ tubular steel, which we source direct from the mill in Adelaide. Each Miniskaff has been manufactured in our Adelaide factory for nearly 30 years using genuine Australian Made raw materials.

Spare parts are available for purchase from our factory outlet during business hours. Other resources available for download on this page are: assembly instructions, safety data sheet, plant registration.