Roof Access

Safe Access Equipment Pty Ltd are the Safe Access Specialists. Our design team can deliver a solution for your roof access that complies with AS1657 and provides safe entry for you and your contractors.

There are several options for accessing your roof space such as stairs, steps, ladders, bridges, or walkways with some requiring engineering for compliance. Whenever possible we try to make our equipment modular, for ease of delivery and installation.

We meet with you on site for a check measure to see if a standard product will easily provide the access. If not, then we prepare a preliminary CAD design of a compliant solution for approval. Once the design has been signed off, we fabricate and install the roof access as specified.

Our installation team provides insurances, workcover, JSEA/SWMS, licences, crane hire, fasteners, labour, tools, equipment and we will comply with your site-specific induction requirements. To get a quote, please complete an enquiry form on the ‘contact us’ page.